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  • A lifetime of dedication helping and educating others to gain access to justice

  • Canadian lawyer working in the administration of justice for over 42 years since being called to the bar in April 1976

  • Write books sharing his vision of seeing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) differently

  • Practice an all-inclusive approach to ADR for 33 years since Sept 1985

  • Educate thousands of people from around the world

  • Raise public awareness on ADR through his 5 year, award-winning CHIN ADR radio shows

  • Create a collaborative framework for the membership to drive new content development

  • Ernies Roadmap

    Timeline of Ernie the Attorney™

    Ernest G. Tannis

    Father of two wonderful, successful adults. Grandfather of three beautiful children. Lawyer, Solicitor, Chartered Mediator, Facilitator, Author, Educator, Public Speaker




    Chartered Mediator

  • Grandfathered by ADR Institute of Canada

  • 1985 to 1991

    Attended 100's of Conferences and Workshops on Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Went on a learning journey in search of dispute resolution OAFM Making a Difference Award options for people.

  • Mentor Gordon Henderson of Gowling Lafleur Henderson Law Firm invited Ernie to present his ADR findings in a Paper to the 1988 CCLA-County of Carleton Law Association Update Conference.

  • Feedback on Conference paper from colleagues around the world led to the publication of his book, “Alternative Dispute disputes Resolution That Works!”, 1989

  • 1976

    Called to the Bar of Ontario

  • Became a Barrister and Solicitor

  • Judge’s advice about practicing law, “Don’t be shy, do it all" inspired his legal career

  • Articled for Brian Karam

  • 1974

    Graduated from the University of Ottawa

  • Common Law Degree

  • Editor for the Universities Common Law Review 

  • 1971

    Graduated from Carleton University

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree

  • Applied for Masters of Library Sciences but was denied

  • Two professors suggested applying to law school to bring his humanitarianism into law

  • Taught English Literature to 10 students with disabilities through grade 9, 10, 11

  • Met and befriended Rod Carpenter who lives with a severe quadriplegic disability

  • 1967

    Graduated Grade 13

  • With homors

  • Received prestigious Lisgar "L"


    2000 to Present

    Ernest G. Tannis Professional Corporation

  • Private firm operating in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Over 40 years of experience in dispute resolution

  • 2005 to 2010

    ADR Show on CHIN Radio Ottawa

  • Created a weekly public education program on “ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution”

  • Produced 260 one-hour segments during 5 years with over 1,000 guests

  • Co-hosted shows with the late Gary Michaels, General Manager of CHIN Radio Ottawa

  • Enjoyed by listeners globally over the internet

  • 2010

    Published, "Is Everyone At The Table?"

  • Book subtitled “18 Life Lessons in Problem Solving”

  • Presents his real-life stories based on actual dispute interventions

  • Demonstrates the importance of values, perseverance, trust, humour and other principles dealing with everyday disagreements and disputes

  • Published, "Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works!"

  • The 20th Anniversary Edition of the pioneering ADR book in Canada, originally published in 1989

  • Kept groundbreaking 1989 research and ideas intact

  • Included a new Preface discussing ADR developments during the two decades since first published

  • 2018 reformatted as a course

  • 1994

    Formed First "All-Discipline" ADR Firm in Ontario


    Resumed Law Practice

  • After a 5-year hiatus learning non-adversarial options for people to resolve disputes

  • Acted as Counsel to the law firm Sadik Fogarty Max

  • Explored and shared negotiation options learned during 100s of ADR conferences and workshops, etc.

  • Founded ADR Centre Canada Inc.


    Akwesasne Civil Strife (during Oka Crisis in Canada)

  • Conflict Resolution Consultant while Executive Director of CICR – Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (Ottawa)

  • Invited by the Akwesasne Mohawk leadership

  • Guided community to establish successful mediation center for lasting peace, “Sken Nen Kowa”

  • 1989

    Published, "Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works!"

  • Surprised to learn his first book was also the first book published in Canada on ADR

  • Originated from his 1988 research paper to CCLA-Canadian Carleton Law Association Conference

  • For practitioners and the public to understand the options available to resolve disputes through creative solutions

  • Published ‘in tact’ in 2010, 20th Anniversary Edition

  • 1988

    Co-Founded CICR

  • Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution

  • Served as Executive Director for two years

  • Co-founded the Dispute Resolution Centre of Ottawa-Carleton in 1987–this led to the creation of CICR to advance conflict resolution research and training

  • 1982 to 1985

    Blaney Stapells McMurty Law Firm

  • Associate: Practised as a Barrister in civil and criminal law.

  • 1981

    Co-Founded Reach Canada

  • Originally “REACH” with Rod Carpenter and Lawrence Greenspon as co-founders

  • Established as a Canadian non-profit organisation to provide lawyer referral services and educational awareness seminars to people with disabilities

  • Reach Canada’s motto is: Equality and Justice for People with Disabilities

  • Ongoing involvement as Honourary Officer

  • 1976 to 1981

    Karam Tannis Greenspon Law Firm

  • Practiced as a Barrister and Solicitor in civil and criminal law

  • Was instrumental in the national precedent setting case on disability rights, regarding arranging a bank account, executable by thumbprint, for Rod Carpenter living with a severe quadriplegic disability



    Order of Ottawa

  • Received this prestigious civic award from Mayor Jim Watson

  • Awarded in recognition of his exceptional citizen contributions to city life