In 2010, Ernie published “Is Everyone at the Table? 18 Life Lessons in Problem Solving”.

In this collection of 18 lively, real-life stories that are based on actual interventions, Ernie Tannis illustrates the importance of values, perseverance, trust, humour and other principles in dealing with everyday disagreements and disputes. Drawing on his extensive experience in both interpersonal and international situations, he demonstrates how mediation principles can have practical benefits in daily interactions, even in tragic or violent circumstances. Captivating personal anecdotes combined with down-to-earth life lessons make this an indispensable, hands-on guide to creative conflict resolution. This book is meant for anyone interested in understanding communication and negotiation options for problem solving and decision making.

Ernie has had a life-long passion for writing. In 1989, he wrote and published the first book in Canada on ADR called, “Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works!”.


In 2010, he published the second book as the 20th Anniversary Edition. This included the original 1989 research and ideas with a new Preface discussing developments in ADR over 20 years.


Written for both practitioners and the general public, “Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works!” is a timeless, invaluable guide to understanding and resolving everyday disputes through creative solutions.


The following are a partial list of tributes received on Ernie’s Book “Is Everyone at the Table?”

“This is a remarkable, highly readable and insightful collection of real-world events that prove the importance of ADR’s ability to resolve conflicts, peacefully, in today’s world.”
John W. McDonald, U.S. Ambassador (ret’d)
Chairman and CEO, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy Author of The Shifting Grounds of Conflict and Peacebuilding: Stories and Lessons
"As a fellow pioneer in the field, I continue to admire your steadfast commitment to social justice and peace, and your never-ending effort to provide people in conflict, and society more broadly, with alternative (and better) ways of resolving disputes and seeking consensus.”
Dr. Ben Hoffman
Ph. D., Author, Peace Guerilla
“I went from laughter to tears and at times to exploring my own journey...I will value this book both in my life and my practice...” Gord Breedyk, Co-Chair Canadian Civilian Peace Service
Dr. Ben Hoffman
Ph. D., Author, Peace Guerilla
"...I absolutely loved it... Your book has taught me so much and I plan to use the techniques in my couples counselling session...”
Anita Rizvi
Couples Counsellor
“...each filled with emotion, love and wisdom. What a gift!”
Bruce Rosove
Life Coach and Instructor, Consultant, Emotional Fitness Institute
“...This is so easy to read—I can’t believe that it is written by a lawyer. The lessons are so very clear and your passion for the topic shine through.”
Director, Ontario Lawyers Assistance Program
“ I must say that I enjoyed every second of the delightful event and your gifted story telling talent. Congratulations. I certainly learned another twist about Anger, Humor and Trust!”
Farook Aman
“...Oh you are a beautiful writer, and your writing also teaches so well...”
Helena Cornelius
Core Team: Australian Conflict Resolution Network
"Your new book is very good. ...answers to valuable questions were handled in layman’s terms and gave excellent alternatives!!”
Jane Burton
Retired Elementary School Teacher
“I started to read your book (I have two chapters done) and it is both very captivating and inspiring”
Julie Audet
“Denis and I went to Ernie's reading last nite? He is so good at public speaking and quite humorous, yet gets his points across. He involved the audience and got great participation. Denis and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Joanne Larose
"Congratulations on a wonderful and heart-warming evening. I remember your stories and whispered to Michael (that is the paper clip story) that is the Chanda story etc. I love the way you interacted with the audience and how you drew us into the discussion. You're a wonderful story teller as Michael said...I cherish those stories and having your book now is like having you there continuing to teach the lessons and retell the stories...I always learn something new from them.”
Melinda McDonald
“I wish you could have heard his presentation last night. He is Good. He even played a native tom-tom. Not just bang bang; he is musical. Terrific. The audience was entranced”
Rosalie Dickson
“We both enjoyed ourselves and thought your experiences and stories were touching and look forward to reading about them more in detail. Your also a wonderful speaker so congrats on your authors nights.”
Samantha Kingsley