• Glossary of Terms for MRPPosts on Ernie the Attorney’s vision:Find out what Ernie’s version of TLC isENDGAME(tm) Everyday Negotiations and Dealings18th Chapter of “Is Everyone at the Table” BookFree sample introduction course on First Nations Matrimonial Real PropertyOverview of Legislation [4 min]A Rallying Cry – Ernie’s 2014 video’s [<30 min]*Canada’s federal legislation solution to family law gap for MRP on reserves and identifies the training gap for professionalsWhat is this legislation? [1]How did this legislation come about? [1:59]What are the contents of this new legislation? [1:15]What is the status of this legislation? [1:42]What is the process to implement this law? [1:52]*Ernie the Attorney(TM) teaches you about FNMRPHow did you get involved? [1:59]Why are you asked to speak on this topic? [2:06]*Ernie’s views on application and implementationCan you describe a basic scenario explaining potential challenges with MRP? [3:11]What are the positives on this new legislation? [1:43]What are the concerns on this legislation? [2:03]What are some recommendations you offer on practical ways the general public, natives and professionals can rally around the implementation of MRP? [3:29]What are Aboriginal Communities doing? [2:08]Does this Legislation impact native persons and families living on their own territories only? [1:49]A Rallying Cry - "Your Call to Action"

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